Gun toting Bishop

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It now appears that Bishops are above the law, we all know about the child abusing Bishops, but now there is a new breed of Bishop, these ones carry guns and fake number plates just like armed robbers.

Jean Gilson-Levi is a 52 year old Belgian missionary and founder of the Restored Covenant Churches of God, decided he doesn’t need to insure his vehicles (two sports cars, a people carrier and stretched limo) all these vehicles had shared the same number plates that were switched between vehicles.

The former comedian who turned to religion for his kicks was caught by Kent Police for driving without insurance (no Mr Bishop you are not exempt ED.) His license was suspended and he attempted to appeal but his prayers were not answered for his two offences of driving without insurance (maybe he didn’t offer a large enough sacrifice). But Channel Magistrates heard how a police officer on patrol at 3.50pm in October 2013 in Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone when they spotted a Jeep Cherokee with the registration number ACT 238.

The officer tried to stop the vehicle, driven by Gilson-Levi, Police ordered the Jeep to stop and asked why the clergyman had driven away (perhaps he thinks he is a Devil). All this Bishop did was to tell the Police officer that he was a man of the cloth and a good person and that the officer would go to hell (He was doing his lawful job, what were you doing Bishop?) After a search the officer found another number plate that genuinely belonged to the vehicle. He was asked for British insurance documents to which of course he had none. The Bishop stated the vehicle had his personal number plate and he was planning to donate it to a church in Belgium.

When the Police officer told him he didn’t believe the Jeep was insured, The Bishop Gilson-Levi stood in the middle of the road stamping his feet like a spoilt child who can’t get its way and shouting how he was a good person. He supposedly had a copy of insurance details on his phone but was unreadable (Yeah right!). He eventually received a 6 months driving ban and 14 penalty points on his license plus £475 in costs.

Bishop Gilson-Levi says he is a bishop “who was in the show business as a comedian for many years before he knew about the gospel.” It adds: “After his conversion he went to Bible College, and then became a missionary for many years. He built churches in France, Belgium, Italy, Congo, Switzerland and England. Bishop Gilson is well known for his mass miracle evangelism crusade. Bishop Gilson is well known for his mass miracles crusade around the world and for his intensive evangelism (never heard of a foot stomping temper tantrum called intensive evangelism before).


The 52-year-old Bishop of Penfold Road, Folkestone has made a comeback to court again (He really is a holy man, Ed.) admitting illegally possessing a single barrelled Special C16 semi-automatic and ammunition (no not another holy war please). Comedian-turned-clergyman Jean Gilson-Levi was stopped by Border Officers after having the weapon without a firearms license. The gun-totting Bishop said he had declared the 16 gauge gun and ammunition when he traveled from his native Belgium (just like his vehicle insurance)  “to do some hunting” (we never realised that Buffalo or Elephants run wild in England).

The Bishop pleaded guilty to two firearms offences and is trying to wheedle his way out (Miracles again do not work) of this situation. The only health problem we can surmise is he has a criminal problem and should not be allowed to roam free. It will be worth it for public safety to have this creature removed from Earth then children and the vulnerable are safe from this fake HOLYMAN!

Claiming benefits for incapacity to work, runs a business and collects donations from his flock (Wonder if the gun is for the flock to induce them to pay up?) Checkout his Face book (many of them), see for yourself, he is preaching to not obey the law (not everyone is like you Bishop, well at least those who are not in jail).


Details regarding above stories:

  • No insurance and  wrong number plates.
  • Firearms in the car.
  • How you can break the law.
  • Face book.

If you want to learn how to drive without insurance and carry guns or anything else illegal reach The Bishop on or . However if you want to exercise your religious beliefs go to a proper church where there are no guns, bullets, sports cars, fake number plates, tantrums and foot stomping rages.

Strange looking Jeep!

Strange looking Jeep!

Fake plates

Another set of Fakes

not fake plates


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2 Responses to Gun toting Bishop

  1. alanbirt says:

    "He was a comedian before he decided to pursue his life in the Church."

    He still is, it seems !

  2. Camille Baptiste says:

    I remember this so called Bishop and some of his Christianity, I was at a children's birthday party in a church hall, the Bishop Gilson was doing his thing in a hall upstairs, but due to what he called interference he came down to complain that his congregation (7 people) were being disturbed. He even threatened the DJ running the event for the kids.

    He was like a Tasmanian devil and was stomping on the ground like a brat child and cursing. A couple of the Dad's were going to step in but he exited cursing, shouting how we are all going to hell. He then engaged in stomping on the floor above to make his point.

    I feel sorry for his children who have to live with a creature like that and call him "DAD", they will probably end up hating religion and may well turn to drugs, crime, unwanted pregnancies or all of the above and guess who would have to pay for it all.

    This Bishop should be defrocked.

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