Fagin’s Den

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There exists a block of private housing that hides a sinister secret, quite possible to be taken from Charles Dickens book "Oliver Twist" Not based in old London but a seaside town, and the building known as Pavilion Court.

Fagin is replaced by Graham Eammon Geoffrey McCallion "Mack" Born January 1955

Bill Sykes is replaced by Dr David John Price "Pricey" (not a surgeon, he gets others to perform surgery) Born February 1947.

Nancy is replaced by Christine Shearing Born August 1958.

We have information regarding the manager of this building (Mack) has mentally sick peoples who reside there as cheap labor for working in and around the building (washing floors, windows, painting and sweeping the yard, car parks and grounds.

Stolen goods brought to the building are treated to new identity and sold off to unsuspecting public. Car owners are subjected to protection by the thugs employed to keep the occupants in line with the rules of management.

Many types of drugs from numerous dealers are sold openly from the building and lookout people are always around keeping an open eye on things. They can do this freely as they probably pay a subsidy to the buildings manager for the privilege of doing so what other reason to allow this to continue). It is a place where smuggled tobacco and alcohol is sold cheap as no duty has been paid, again without fear of reprisal as management are  on the take of a percentage of revenues by these criminals.

People who are registering as unemployed have been operating a specialist car valeting service from the grounds. Of course the building manager know as "Mack" allows this to continue.

We were approached by a honest tenant living there and was going to provide us with photo's and identities of these criminals, we were informed that "Mack" would cut off electricity and water supplies if tenants owed any monies. Sadly our contact suddenly went quiet and has never responded to our requests for more information. who knows what may have happened to them.

If you have information concerning this organization please contact us so may elaborate on details. We would request photo's, names and addresses of the criminals acting in this syndicate. Your security and privacy is assured.

Pavilion Court Ltd.
101 Pavilion Court
Marine Terrace
CT20 1QB
Company Number 1509144
Graham Eammon Geoffrey McCallion (Born Jan 1955).

David John Price (Born Feb 1942).

Fawlty Flats Ltd.
2 Harrow Road
TN14 7JT
Company Number 05723023
Graham Eammon Geoffrey McCallion (Born Jan 1955).

David John Price (Born Feb 1942).

Corrion Ltd.
Address as Pavilion Court Ltd.
Company number 04787281
Richard Price (Born Feb 1980)
Christopher Price (Born Nov 1982).
Former Directors Glyn Alan Jones.

Secretary: David Price (Born Feb 1947).
Former Secretary Hilary Anne Price (Born May 1949).
Phone +44 (0) 1959 532542

Pavilion Court RTM Company Ltd.
Address as for Pavilion Court Ltd.

Company Number 06464629
Carol Anne Torrens (Born Feb 1951)
Christine Shearing (Born August 1958)
Graham Eammon Geoffrey McCallion (Born Jan 1955)
Christopher Edward Price (Born Nov 1982).
Glyn Alan Jones (Born Aug 1957).

Secretary: David John Price (Born Feb 1942).

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4 Responses to Fagin’s Den

  1. Court Jester says:

    I have been here for just over one week now and so far, I have not crossed swords with Lez but see him hanging around. There are unemployed peoples working as cleaners for Mack the landlord and two others work as Building works and car works being performed by unemploted men who are unemployed but run a business there.
    Other unemployed people are digging trenches for a Fence to be continued along the building perimeter. Another washes corridor floors in both sides of the building and sweeps the smaller car park. Another sweeps the larger car park on south side of building.

  2. Flipper says:

    My wife and I came to work in a car valeting, we paid our deposit and rent, but due to mistake at company my husbands salary did not pay in on time. On the Friday at 7pm Mr Mac knocked very loudly and harshly on our door for rent, I tried to explain but the woman who was with him started to scream and shout the other man pushed our door open and my husband came to door he pushed the man back and I got a knife and sat with my child.

    They threatened my husband with violence and would break his legs as they will turn off cameras and beat him.

    He closed the door and locked it but they were kicking our door and yelling like mad people.

    They switched off our water and electricity my child was crying and I was terrified these are mad people who are violence to others. We had no water or electricity for 3 days when we had our money in bank and paid Mr Mac he gave us our water and electricity back.

    We also had to pay his bodyguard Lezley £30 for his time and was told to behave ourself or we will be beaten and I would be beaten by his woman who called herself Lozza.

    We now live somewhere nearer to my husbands work and not in that criminal place, full of drugs and crime.

    I thought England was a country of respect and good people but this is not the issue here.

    They are all criminals who persecute others.

  3. Garfield says:

    I had the misfortune of living there for just over a year, I fell behind on my top in rent by two weeks and my electricity and water was cut off until I paid the arrears plus the surcharge. Now gladly I am no longer living there with the fear and worry.

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