Asda & the Naughty Chair

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ASDA is a chain of food and home-wares stores based in the United Kingdom and claim to be part of the "Wall-Mart Family". One particular store located in a town called Folkestone in the county of Kent has a chair we have dubbed the "NAUGHTY CHAIR"

The store has introduced the Colleague (worker) welfare chair.
What you have to do is when you return to work after a period of sickness be it one day because you have the squits (Diarrhea) and return,

You have to sit in the chair until your department manager has dealt with you.The consensus being "we need to make sure your welfare is sound and you are well enough to return to work"


The real idea is to shame the colleague (their name for worker) into not having time off. This is absolutely degrading be sat in this chair for everyone to gloat at and would be illegal as well as immoral in my country to pull this disgraceful stunt.
This policy comes shortly before a notice by the British government advising people to stay at home if you have Flu, this is in light of preventing the Swine Flu virus becoming an epidemic. 
Inventor of the naughty Chair.

Chairs Inventor.

Interestingly enough, about 2 weeks after this, Darren the people manager went off sick with "Flu". We wonder how long he sat in that chair before he had his manager action his return to work interview.


Description and effect of such Chairs or places, copied from google.

Naughty corner (or stairs or mat or chair)
Putting a child in a naughty corner has several problems.

  • It makes the child believe he or she is naughty and perhaps unloved and unlovable, and this damages self-esteem. Children see themselves through your eyes, so if they think you see them as naughty, that is what they will believe about themselves. This leads to feeling bad about themselves and more 'naughty' behaviour.
  • Separating children when there is a problem does not teach them what they should do – and it does teach them that when there is a problem, people should separate and deal with it by themselves, rather than help them to learn to do better. It is more helpful to take the child away from the situation and then explain what it is you want them to do. This is teaching them that you will help them deal with problems (you may need to keep them with you for a while if they are very upset about something).
  • Making children say sorry to get out of the naughty corner, when they don't feel sorry, is helping to teach them to tell lies and manipulate. Children need to learn to say sorry if they really feel sorry, not just to achieve an end.
  • Research into long term effects of discipline shows that positive discipline methods such as teaching have much better long term results than negative methods such as punishment. The child sees being put in a naughty corner as punishment.


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4 Responses to Asda & the Naughty Chair

  1. Klem says:

    Is this company policy or just an asshole using his boss powers?
    If the latter is true then the "Darren" should be fired!

  2. dougflucker says:

    I have it on good authority that the naughtychair is no longer in use as a sickness deterrent and is currently being used as it should be FOR SITTING ON WITHOUT ANY SHAME INVOLVED!
    Also from November there will be a new people manager taking over, as the previous people manager was caught in a compromising position with an ASDA smart price chicken and a tub of country life butter!

    When pressed for an answer about his inter-special shenanigans he is said to have replied 'I was trying to remove it's giblets...'
    He is due to appear in court later next year...

  3. Mr Philpot says:

    I can see the American Civil Liberties Union getting a hold of this one.

  4. Larry the Lamb says:

    Hey man that sucks, you can sure tell that the wally world familly are doing its thing in England, as ever cashing in on the lull in world economy and doing the little guy

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